Chinese Traditional Culture is the Root of Cultural Self-confidence

With the confidence of Chinese culture and the revival of traditional culture, the best era is coming

The Chinese Renaissance has begun

And rooted in Chinese millennium culture of rice wine industry

We need to reconstruct the world of Chinese thought

Adopt Oriental aesthetic expression

To interpret the thousand-year cultural heritage of the magnificent China


Yellow rice wine, as one of the oldest wines in the world

It is the source of Chinese wine culture

It is also a part of traditional Chinese culture

A cup of yellow rice wine, Shang and Zhou etiquette, Wei and Jin romantic

There are also Tang poetry and Song Ci, Chinese Spring and Autumn            


The outer box combines the picture with the packaging display

The mountains and Qiongdao are connected to perfectly show the landscape picture

The folio opening mode is combined with the built-in fan background

The impression of different viewpoint of the space is unified to undertake

To achieve the Zen aesthetic concept of “tranquility leads to distance, virtuality and reality live together”

The wine box produced by Xianrong Company perfectly integrates the wine culture into the gift box, and also carries forward the traditional Chinese wine culture. After all, whether a wine is good or not, you can know something from the outer packaging.

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Post time: Aug-19-2022